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Thursday, December 6

Computer Software

I felt tired to day with my computer's program, since a week ago when I open my computer I need more then 5 minutes to wait my computer full load and ready to use. I don't know what happened with my computer software, so many time I run my clean-up program but it still do not helpful. Also with my browsing's program such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla, both of them when I open to started internet connection always appears an error message that the program are corrupt or damage and suddenly my computer became "Hung".

Finally I have taken an action to restart my computer and wait for few minutes till ready to use. Because still i can't open my internet browsing's program, so I'm thinking to run my defragmenter system and expecting a nice result for that. By removing all cookie and cache on my PC, I lose many of useful website that i don't save them before as bookmark system. Ooh God, there is nothing changes with my computer software, all the computer's programs running to slowly. I am really confuse what should I do to make my computer software running well again like before this problem happening.

I guest my computer software attacked by some viruses from internet program and causing an error on my computer software. I remember that around two weeks ago I do many thing from internet such as download movie, music, SEO software, and other program that useful for increasing traffict of my website/blog.

Then, I taken another action to scan my computer with antivirus program 'Avast-antivirus' and the result is my computer software has attack by Trojan horse!. Ups, Its really washing my time to wait the scan program finish on his action. Anyway, thanks for Avast antivirus and i will kept running this antivirus system during internet connection and blogging to many of website without a worry with un use script may follow my IP address when opening any web page.

The Avast antivirus system will block the scripts code which similar like internet viruses whether trough email or website that may causing an error or damage on your computer software. So for all of you, don't forget to get and keep running an antivirus system on your computer or laptop to protect viruses attack your computer software and also your hard disk system. You can find and donwload an antivirus software from internet whether it is full version or only trial programs such as Avast, Panda, Nod32, Norton, AVG and Kaspersky antivirus software.


  • At 7:19 AM, Blogger RoSa said…

    makin banyak aja iklannya di sini nih kekna, mas :D

  • At 3:00 PM, Blogger Ocha said…

    hm... iklan ga bertambah kok... hanya link banner yang trs bertambah. thx loh dah mampir ...

  • At 1:06 PM, Anonymous aroengbinang said…

    senja udah membayang. met taon baru bung, smoga tambah sukses dan lebih brani ngadepin smua ujian hidup :D. salam.

  • At 10:39 PM, Anonymous sebastian said…

    Mas, pakai aja Linux, ndak kepikiran Virus, saya udah pakai Linux 3 tahun ini, sebelumnya saya pakai Windows, data2 saya hancur semua.......

    Mas tahu sampai saat ini saya termasuk kuper dalam berurusan dengan virus, karena udah lama sekali tidak terkena VIRus

  • At 5:41 AM, Anonymous Antivirus Software said…

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  • At 5:40 AM, Anonymous jailbreak iphone said…

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  • At 11:14 PM, Anonymous لعبة ماريو said…

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