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Thursday, October 5

The Crime of ATM Card Services Machine

The banking
service now days increasingly promised an ease for the customers or his consumer, among them gave facilities like Automatic Teller Machine Card (ATM Card) that could be used to taking the money cash anywhere by using the Service of the ATM Machine, Also credit card that was offered for the customer or the consumer to do payment at shopping centres that co-operated with the bank's side to provide this service service.

In Indonesia, BNI (The Country's Indonesian Bank) obliged all of his customer to have the ATM card. This was done to reduce the length of the customer's queue that came, that is for them who will carry out the taking transaction of money was supervised by amount less then
5 million Indonesian Rupiah was obliged to take that money through the ATM machine that was available.

The fact is a great number of customers they do not know how to use the ATM card machine services, because ussually they are taking money by manual or cash direct to the Bank and also they do not know how to use that machine.

The professional criminals made use of this opportunity by creating the ATM card with the special kind (skimmer or by formal name is card reader/writer ), that it seems was said by magnetic's system. This card could record the account and password number which entered the ATM machine before them. So, easy for the criminals to steal money from the customers Through the ATM machine services.

Several months ago hundreds of cases of the mysterious fund withdrawal happened from various atms all over the world. Banks in Canada, England and Rusia strong indicated, that they the debit product cards was...Robbed!!!

Related to this case, there are some steps may helped you avoided yourself from the theft loss of money from the ATM card machine;

1. Tried to get the other person did not see when you are typing your password number.
2. Don't leave your transaction paper.
3. After process of your ATM transaction finished try to put again your card by putting the wrong password number and then pressed cancel.
4. Better if you remembered password your ATM card, Don't kept your ATM card and your password number in the bag or wallet that can make easy the person knew if you lost your bag or wallet.

Finally I suggested you to be careful with the environmental situation when doing the transaction through the machine of ATM card services.

May this help you, Good Luck!


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