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Tuesday, November 14

Sell Your Annuity

What is Annuity?

People receive structured settlement payments as the result of legal action. If one party sues another, there might be a settlement and the defendant might agree to make payment over time.

The defendant, in conjunction with an insurance company, purchases an annuity policy from another insurance company. The annuity policy makes payment now and in the future to the original lawsuit’s plaintiff.

The other meaning :
There are many categories of annuities. They can be classified by:
  • Nature of the underlying investment – fixed or variable
  • Primary purpose – accumulation or pay-out (deferred or immediate)
  • Nature of pay-out commitment – fixed period, fixed amount, or lifetime
  • Tax status – qualified or nonqualified
  • Premium payment arrangement – single premium or flexible premium

Sell your annuity to get cash money if you don't want to wait it be paid out over time or simply you may need immediate cash. You may have numerous reasons to sell your annuity. But when you need money, it's good to know that you can sell annuity for cash!
  • Are you interested in selling annuity payments?
  • How do you sell your annuity?

Sell your annuity, the best and easiest way is to find a big reliable company that has experience and readily available funds to buy your annuity.

J.G. Wentworth understands unexpected financial emergencies and that is why selling all or part of your annuity payment is an option we make available to you.


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  • At 2:18 AM, Blogger John Bond said…

    I'm having trouble with my own annuity, does anyone have a site that i can trust to give me a good rate on a loan?
    I've been looking at this one but im not sure if i want to go with this one.


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